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Power Rangers Jungle Fury

(Power Rangers Jungle Fury)


Befriend the next generation of Power Rangers and experience their most-thrilling, action-packed adventure to triumph over extreme evilness! For countless centuries, a spirit of pure evil, Dai Shi has been locked away and securely guarded by the secretive Kung Fu clan known as Pai Zhuq – the Order of the Claw. But now the malicious spirit has escaped and threatens the peaceful balance of planet Earth and all its creatures. To crush this evil threat, the Pai Zhuq masters must select three valiant members, teach them all there is to know about the ancient myths, and reveal to them the heroic mission of the secret order. Once accepted, the trio of Kung Fu warriors will be granted the special honor of becoming Power Rangers Jungle Fury, Earth's only hope to stop the army of evil animal spirits from forcefully overtaking the human world! (

A series created by Saburo Yatsude, Koichi Sakamoto

2008 - 22 minutes - Color - NC

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