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Power Rangers Operation Overdrive

(Power Rangers Operation Overdrive)


The "crown of the Gods" has been discovered and the dark forces are searching for the seven missing jewels. If found and placed in the crown, evil will be unstoppable. Five brave teens set out on an exciting global treasure hunt to track down and find these long-lost jewels. Their quest will be filled with mind-crunching puzzles to decode, action, adventures, and spectacular battles. The jewels must be found and secured. Our world and the entire universe's fate rests in the hands of the "Power Rangers: Operation Overdrive." (

A series created by Saburo Yatsude, Koichi Sakamoto

1 season - 32 episodes

2007 - 22 minutes - Color - NC

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Also Known As

  • Power Rangers Drive Force (us)
  • Power Rangers Relic Hunters (us)

Release dates

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