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Power Rangers Mystic Force

(Power Rangers Mystic Force)


A great battle between good and evil took place in the distant past and has been forgotten. In the present day, a great sorceress Udonna enlists the help of five teenagers who are destined to become the Power Rangers Mystic Force to fight against the Undead army which has now been released. The Rangers practice their magical skills at a secret haven in the magical realm called Rootcore.

After the master of evil, Morticon, is destroyed, Necrolai finds a petrified mummy which becomes Imperious. The Rangers find a magic lamp which houses the great genie Jenji who aids them in the fight against evil. Using his former life as Calindor, Imperious tries to infiltrate the Power Rangers. Daggeron shows up just in time to save them as the legendary Solaris Knight. When Imperious steals Jenji to make a wish that the Power Rangers never existed, the Rangers must consult the Tribunal of Magic which grant them the Legend Warrior power. Meanwhile, Koragg begins to remember his past as Leanbow and it is revealed that Nick is, in fact, Bowen. Nick must accept his destiny as the Light and discover his connection to Fire Heart to take on a new challenge - the Ten Terrors of the Underworld. (

A series created by Saburo Yatsude, Koichi Sakamoto

1 season - 32 episodes

2006 - 22 minutes - Color - Stereo - NC

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Release dates

  • February 20, 2006
  • February 20, 2006