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Death Valley

(Death Valley)


Maintaining law and order is the mandate of the UTF, but this isn't exactly Benson and Stabler working the streets for the Special Victims Unit. The Undead Task Force (UTF) is a newly formed division of the LAPD charged with taking down the vampires, werewolves and zombies that roam California's San Fernando Valley, encounters that form the dark comedic elements of ``Death Valley.'' Documenting the hardcore kills and extraordinary creatures investigated by the UTF's courageous men and women is a daring camera crew embedded within the task force, illuminating the toughest beat known to man.

A series created by Tony DiBari, Tim Healy, Austin Reading, Julie Reading

1 season - 12 episodes

2011 - 22 minutes - Color - Dolby Digital - NC

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Main Cast

  • Officer Carla Rinaldi
  • Jamie
  • Officer John 'John John' Johnson
  • Captain Dashell
  • Officer Billy Pierce
  • Officer Kirsten Landry
  • Officer Joe Stubeck
  • Detective Dunwalt
  • Rico
  • Natalie



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