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Weird Science

(Weird Science)


Wyatt Donnelly and Gary Wallace are two regular high school nerds struggling with unpopularity, a serious dating drought, and the endless torment of Wyatt's older brother Chett. They use their computer skills to create their dream girl, Lisa, whose supermodel good looks and super-genius brain are overshadowed only by her extraordinary power to grant the boys whatever they desire. But Lisa often takes the boys' wishes a bit too literally, and things don't always turn out quite as planned.

Based on the classic John Hughes film of the same name

A series created by

1994 - 30 minutes - Color - Stereo - 1.33

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Main Cast

  • Wyatt Donnelly
  • Gary Wallace
  • Chett Donnelly
  • Lisa
  • Principal Scampi

Also Known As

  • Ciencia loca (inc)

Release dates

  • July 21, 1998
  • March 05, 1994
  • July 21, 1998
  • March 05, 1994