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Humanity's End

(Humanity's End)


In the future humans will become extinct and hybrid races will begin to take over the universe. The year is 2820: An ancient race of aliens, known as the Nephilim, have systematically hunted down and destroyed every human in the galaxy. A semi-retired starship captain, Derasi Vorde, returns from the outer rim to find he is the last man alive...

A movie directed by Neil Johnson

2008 - 87 minutes - Color - 2.35

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Main Cast

  • Derasi Vorde
  • Contessa
  • Alicia
  • Sorgon 387
  • Gorlock
  • Sheetak Declan / Blue Whale
  • General Frietag
  • Roj-Junior
  • The Destroyer
  • Sarah 419
  • Nephilim Priest
  • Nephilim Commander
  • Berserker Nephilim
  • Field Commander Nephilim
  • Nephilim Infiltrator

Also Known As

No available information for now.

Release dates

  • October 26, 2008
  • May 21, 2012 (DVD and Blu-ray premiere)
  • October 26, 2008