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Astro Zombies: M3 - Cloned

(Astro Zombies: M3 - Cloned)


An ultra-secret government weapons project is headed up by a mad scientist's grand-daughter. Her mission: recreate the demented killing machines known as Astro Zombies. It doesn't take long before the deadly mutant clones escape from Area 51 and all hell breaks loose! Elite teams of Men In Black attempt extreme damage control measures, while government officials, master criminals, and the famed Doll Squad spring into action -- creating a mess of epic proportions!

A movie directed by Ted V. Mikels

2010 - 105 minutes - Color - NC

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Main Cast

  • Leonard Bullock
  • Victim
  • Astro Zombie / Reporter
  • Foreign Agent
  • Sgt. Woolridge
  • Reporter
  • MIB
  • Victim
  • Pool Victim
  • Security Guard
  • Deadly Drag Queen
  • Barbecue Guest
  • MIB
  • Reporter
  • MIB Special Agent



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