Manhunt in Space

(Manhunt in Space)


Pirates from Planet Prah are on a rampage in outer space, kidnapping Rocky Jones' beautiful companion Vena! With the aid of Professor Newton's latest invention that makes a spaceship invisible, Rocky and his cohort Winky set out to rescue her and thwart the nefarious hoodlums. The gang takes its orders from the seductive but evil Cleolanta, who orders Rocky's capture. Our hero escapes, but the pirates have learned of his invisibility device and attempt to use it to avoid justice...

A TV Movie directed by Hollingsworth Morse

1956 - 78 minutes - Black & White - Mono - 1.33

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Main Cast

  • Rocky Jones
  • Vena Ray
  • Bobby
  • Professor Newton
  • Secretary of Space Drake
  • Rinkman, space pirate leader
  • Reggie, a space ranger
  • Dr. Vanko

Also Known As

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Release dates

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