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Bikini Girls on Dinosaur Planet

(Bikini Girls on Dinosaur Planet)


When a pair of time-traveling alien beauties stumble across Earth as it was one million years ago, they are confronted by a ménage-a-trois of sex-crazed cave-girls (Misty Mundae, Ruby LaRocca, Lily Tiger) and a land populated by rumbling dinosaurs. It's not before long that the fur-clad lesbian cave-babes get down to some serious grunting and groaning and teach the curious space visitors a thing or two about juicy Jurassic love.

A movie directed by William Hellfire

2005 - Color - 1.33

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Main Cast

  • Eegads
  • Eeek / Dr. Ruby (also archive footage)
  • Captain Moonshine
  • Oook (also archive footage)
  • Una

Also Known As

No available information for now.

Release dates

  • July 26, 2005
  • July 26, 2005