It's Alive

(It's Alive)


Our modern world is full of marvels - but also polluted air, foods sprayed with deadly chemicals, misused drugs and hidden radioactive substances. Ever wonder how these poisons might affect a developing child in the womb? It's Alive offers a shocking possibility - and in so doing has become a creepy cult classic!

A movie directed by Larry Cohen

1974 - 91 minutes - Color - Mono - 1.85

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Main Cast

  • Frank
  • Lenore
  • Lt. Perkins
  • Charley
  • The Doctor
  • The Professor
  • Bob Clayton
  • Chris
  • The Captain
  • The Executive
  • Nurse
  • Expectant Father
  • Secretary
  • Expectant Father
  • Expectant Father

Also Known As

  • Baby Killer (us)

Release dates

No available information for now.