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Kikaida: Android of Justice

(Jinzô ningen Kikaidâ)


A sinister organization launches a wave of audacious attacks in an attempt to gain world domination. Commanded by the evil Professor Gill, masked androids and fearsome DARK Destructoid monsters terrorize some innocent victims and wreak havoc throughout Japan. A solitary figure emerges to combat the menace. Whenever DARK attacks, a denim-clad road warrior appears, strumming a haunting refrain on his guitar. His name is Jiro, and a secret lies at the heart of his lonely existence. Jiro is a mechanical man. Vulnerable to Professor Gill's shrill flute wooing him to the DARK side, Jiro battles the evil menace by transforming into the mighty red-and-blue android known as... Kikaida.

A series created by Shôtarô Ishinomori

1 season - 43 episodes

1972 - 30 minutes - Color - NC

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Main Cast


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Also Known As

  • Android Kikaider (int)

Release dates

  • July 08, 1972
  • July 08, 1972