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When Dr. Martin (Robert Powell) arrives at the Dunmoor Asylum for The Incurably Insane, he expects to be interviewed for a job by the asylum's director, Dr. Starr. Instead, he is met by Dr. Rutherford (Patrick Magee), who explains that Dr. Starr has suffered a mental breakdown and is now one of the patients. Dr. Rutherford states that if Martin can deduce which patient is Dr. Starr, then he will be given the position.

Is it Bonnie (Barbara Parkins), whose affair with a married man results in murder? Is it Bruno (Barry Morse), a hard luck tailor who is visited by a mysterious stranger (Peter Cushing), carrying a blueprint and special fabric for an unusual suit? Is it Barbara (Charlotte Rampling), accused of murdering her brother and her nurse, but insisting that her friend Lucy (Britt Ekland) is responsible? Or, is it Dr. Byron (Herbert Lom) who claims the ability to transfer his lifeforce into a mechanical doll?

A movie directed by Roy Ward Baker

1972 - 88 minutes - Color - Mono - 1.85

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Main Cast

  • Bonnie (segment: "Frozen Fear")
  • Walter (segment: "Frozen Fear")
  • Ruth (segment: "Frozen Fear")
  • Smith (segment: "The Weird Tailor")
  • Bruno (segment: "The Weird Tailor")
  • Anna (segment: "The Weird Tailor")
  • Stebbins (segment: "The Weird Tailor")
  • Lucy (segment: "Lucy Comes to Stay")
  • Barbara (segment: "Lucy Comes to Stay")
  • George (segment: "Lucy Comes to Stay")
  • Miss Higgins (segment: "Lucy Comes to Stay")
  • Byron (segment: "Mannikins of Horror")
  • Dr. Rutherford (segment: "Mannikins of Horror")
  • Max (segment: "Mannikins of Horror")
  • Dr. Martin (segment: "Mannikins of Horror")

Also Known As

  • Frozen Fear (inc)
  • Lucy Comes to Stay (inc)
  • Mannikins of Horror (inc)
  • The Weird Tailor (inc)
  • Psikhbol'nitsa (inc)
  • Психбольница (inc)
  • House of Crazies (us)

Release dates

  • July 06, 1972
  • November 17, 1972
  • July 06, 1972
  • November 17, 1972
  • October 05, 1979