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The Happiness Cage

(The Happiness Cage)


Private Jame Reese (Christopher Walken) is a misfit G.I. stationed in Western Europe. Reese's violent temper has landed him in the stockade more than once, and even his girlfriend asks him to seek psychiatric help. Unexpectedly, Reese is driven to a secluded mansion far into the country. The facility is apparently some kind of hospital, though there are few patients or staff members. Without explanation, Reese is assigned to a room with Miles (Ronny Cox), a young American suffering from terminal cancer. Miles, like Reese, suffers from bouts of aggressive, violent behavior.

Slowly, Reese learns the truth. The mansion houses a secret Army unit for medical experimentation. Men with anti-social personality disorders are being used as guinea pigs in brain control research. After one outburst, Miles is treated and becomes a docile, mechanically gratified vegetable. And Reese realizes with horror that he may be the next to have his mind "snatched"...

A movie directed by Bernard Girard

1972 - 94 minutes - Color - Mono - 1.85

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Main Cast

  • Privatz James H. Reese
  • Dr. Frederick
  • The Major
  • Sergeant Boford Miles
  • Lawrence Shannon - orderly
  • Anna Kraus
  • Nurse Schroeder
  • Medic
  • Lisa
  • Army Psychiatrist
  • ...
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  • ...
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