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1000 years into the future, after the Great Neutron Wars, the world is divided into desert wastes and isolated city-states. Lord Zirpola captures Kaz Oshay (David Carradine) to fight to the death in his game, Deathsport. Now Kaz must face his past and fight to save himself and his city from the war that Lord Zirpola is about to wage...

A movie directed by Allan Arkush, Nicholas Niciphor, Roger Corman

1978 - 82 minutes - Color - Mono - 1.85

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Main Cast

  • Kaz Oshay
  • Deneer
  • Ankar Moor
  • Doctor Karl
  • Marcus Karl
  • Lord Zirpola
  • Polna
  • Jailer
  • Tritan President
  • Tritan Guard
  • Mr. Bakkar
  • Adriann
  • Enforcer Sergeant
  • Stateman Officer
  • Dancer


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Also Known As

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Release dates

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