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Frozen Alive

(Der Fall X701)


Frank Overton, a famous scientist is on the verge of prolonging human life and conquering disease through his experiments with cryogenics. Unable to find a human volunteer to undergo the freezing process, he prepares to use himself as a human guinea pig. After he is placed in suspended animation, police discover his unfaithful wife's dead body and accuse the scientist of murder. Comatose in a chamber of ice, Overton is unable to defend himself and emerges to find his own life in jeopardy...

A movie directed by Bernard Knowles

1964 - 81 minutes - Black & White - Mono - 1.33

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Main Cast

  • Dr. Frank Overton
  • Dr. Helen Wieland
  • Inspector Prenton
  • Tony Stein
  • Joan Overton
  • Sir Keith
  • Chairman
  • Prof. Hubbard
  • Martin, lab tech.
  • Dr. Karl Merkheimer
  • Sgt. Grun



Also Known As

  • Human Factor (inc)

Release dates

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