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Hercules in the Haunted World

(Ercole al centro della terra)


Hercules (Reg Park) mustfight a monster made of stone, retrieve a golden apple from the tree of Hesperides, and brave the horrors of Hades to rescue his beloved from the clutches of the evil Lyco (Christopher Lee). Oracles, witches, and vampires abound in this delirious blend of sword and sandal adventure, horror, and psychedelia. Maestro Mario Bava's first color film is awash in a sea of primary hues, creepy atmosphere, and eye-popping imagery...

A movie directed by Mario Bava, Franco Prosperi

1961 - 91 minutes - Color - Mono - 2.35

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Main Cast

  • Hercules (Ercole)
  • King Lico (Licos)
  • Princess Deianira
  • Thesus (Teseo)
  • Aretusa
  • Persephone
  • Telemachus (Telemaco)
  • Keros
  • Helena
  • Jocasta
  • Medea
  • Leader of the cutthroats
  • Tamar
  • Sunis
  • ...

Also Known As

  • Hercules vs. the Vampires (inc)
  • The Vampires vs. Hercules (inc)
  • With Hercules to the Center of the Earth (inc)
  • Hercules at the Center of the Earth (int)
  • Hercules in the Center of the Earth (int)

Release dates

  • November 16, 1961
  • November 16, 1961