Cyborg X

(Cyborg X)


The year is 2018. One year after a deadly Cyber Virus has infiltrated and seized control of X-Corp, a top secret, and highly advanced, weapons manufacturer. Now the world is an apocalyptic wasteland of death and destruction. What’s left of the human race is hunted down and destroyed by X-Corp’s ground units (an army of Cyborgs and Battle Drones).

In order to save themselves and all of man kind from extinction, a small group of fighters band together in their quest to fight back. Armed with a new piece of counter intelligence, big guns, and lots of bullets, they set off on a suicidal mission to penetrate X-Corp’s head facility and shut the machines down from the source. But once inside they soon discover there may be more to the Cyber Virus than initially realized.

A movie directed by K. King

2016 - 90 minutes - Color - NC

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Main Cast

  • Lieutenant Spears
  • Captain Machine Gun
  • Jack Kilmore
  • Lieutenant Wizkowski (Wiz)
  • Lieutenant Lopez
  • Becca
  • Reporter
  • John
  • Chase Graham- Drone Victim
  • Dual Saw
  • Private Carlisle
  • ...
  • ...
  • Knife Victim
  • Reporter



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