The Vindicator

(The Vindicator)


Handsome researcher Dr. Carl Lehman is happy in his work and looking forward to his impending marriage when he is killed in a lab accident. Carl should be given a proper burial but his scheming, egotistical boss, Dr. Randolph Whyte, has other plans. He transforms Carl into a computerized creature of superhuman strength that's completely under his control. However, a programming error causes Carl to go on a rampage that leaves a bloody trail of death and destruction in his wake. Aware of what he's become, Carl decides to destroy himself. But first, he intends to teach Whyte a lesson he'll never forget...

A movie directed by Jean-Claude Lord

1986 - 93 minutes - Color - Mono - 1.85

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Main Cast

  • Carl Lehman / Frankenstein
  • Lauren Lehman
  • Alex Whyte
  • Hunter
  • Burt Arthurs
  • Catherine Collins
  • Ian Massey
  • Mrs. Jan Scott
  • Kurt Kessler
  • Gail Vernon
  • Joe Simpson
  • Lisa, Massey's Girl
  • Paper Boy
  • Lab Security Guard #1
  • Lab Security Guard #2

Also Known As

  • Frankenstein '88 (inc)

Release dates

  • February 14, 1986
  • February 14, 1986