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War of the Planets

(I diafanoidi vengono da Marte)


Earth is menaced by Martian invasion: Shapeless and luminous beings called Diaphanoids attack earthling spaceships and satellites and take possession of human bodies. When some Diaphanoids are captured and sent to Earth for observation, they telepathically order the guards to set them free. This forces some men to undertake a voyage to Mars in the hopes that earthlings will understand their. It is their aim to assure earthlings that their intentions are good. However every attempt at peace goes up in smoke and the earthlings are left with no other alternative but to bombard the planet, destroying its vanishing inhabitants...

A movie directed by Antonio Margheriti

1966 - 99 minutes - Color - Mono - 1.85

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Also Known As

  • Diaphanoids, Bringers of Death (inc)
  • The Deadly Diaphonoids (inc)
  • Gamma I Quadrilogy Vol. 2 (us)
  • The War of the Planets (us)

Release dates

  • June 04, 1966
  • June 04, 1966