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Journey to the Beginning of Time

(Cesta do praveku)


When young Jirka finds a trilobite fossil outside of the entrance to a local cave, he and his three best friends decide to take a canoe trip hoping to find prehistoric worlds. The crew of eager blond adolescents make their way through unknown territories, crossing fields of ice and hiking through rural marshland until their wishes are fulfilled. As they travel back in time though the evolutionary chain, some creatures they encounter are quiet dangerous...

A movie directed by Karel Zeman, Fred Ladd

1955 - 93 minutes - Color - Mono - NC

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Main Cast

  • Jirka / Jo-Jo
  • Toník / Tony
  • Jenda / Ben
  • Petr / Doc
  • Doc (US version)
  • Joe / Jo-Jo (US version)
  • Ben (US version)

Also Known As

  • Die Reise in die Urzeit (inc)
  • A Journey to the Beginning of Time (inc)
  • Journey to Prehistory (inc)

Release dates

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