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Deep Rising

(Deep Rising)


A gang of ruthless pirates board an ocean liner with the intention of robbing its passengers. However, the passengers have been slaughtered by a mysterious sea monster, and it soon becomes apparent that the creature is still aboard - and is still hungry. A life-and-death struggle to escape from the monstrous ocean beast ensues...

A movie directed by Stephen Sommers

1998 - 106 minutes - Color - Dolby Digital - 2.39

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Also Known As

  • Émergence des profondeurs (ca)
  • Smrt iz dubina (inc)
  • Tentacle (us)

Release dates

  • September 18, 1998
  • January 30, 1998
  • May 07, 1998
  • September 18, 1998
  • January 30, 1998