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The Black Hole

(The Black Hole)


It's 2 A.M. in St. Louis when a routine scientific experiment goes terribly wrong and an explosion shakes the city. A scientific team investigates, clashing with an intergalactic, voltage-devouring creature that vaporizes them. By 7 A.M. a chain of earthquakes is tearing the city apart while a massive swirling black hole is consuming the remains. The alien is devouring every source of electricity it finds and destroying every human who blocks its way. Mass chaos rules as St. Louis is being evacuated. Only a few people, scientist Eric Bryce, his assistant Shannon, and General Ryker comprehend the mortal danger. By midnight, the Pentagon initiates a nuclear attack against the black hole. Bryce has only one hour to find a solution to obliterate the alien and the colossal black hole before mankind is annihilated...

A TV Movie directed by Tibor Takács

2006 - 90 minutes - Color - 1.78

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Main Cast

  • Shannon Muir
  • Eric Bryce
  • General Ryker
  • Sgt. Alicia Bennett
  • Elizabeth Williams
  • Advisor Coldwell
  • General Tate
  • Kayley Bryce
  • Spencer Tolland
  • Dr. Hauser
  • Kent
  • Hayes
  • Lt. Samson
  • Guardsman
  • Lt. Hendricks

Also Known As

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Release dates

  • June 10, 2006
  • June 10, 2006