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The Black Hole

(The Black Hole)


Captain Dan Holland, First Officer Charles Pizer, journalist Harry Booth and scientists Dr. Alex Durant and Dr. Kate McCrae are all aboard an Earth discovery vessel on a fruitless search for life in space, when they encounter a lost spaceship perched on the event horizon of the universe’s most powerful phenomenon, a black hole. Untouched by the incredible gravitational forces, the travelers move in, finding an Earth scientist in a ship that is populated with robot slaves and harboring a terrible secret...

A movie directed by Gary Nelson

1979 - 98 minutes - Color - Stereo - 2.20

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Main Cast

  • Dr. Hans Reinhardt
  • Dr. Alex Durant
  • Captain Dan Holland
  • Lieutenant Charles Pizer
  • Dr. Kate McCrae
  • Harry Booth
  • Captain S.T.A.R.

Also Known As

  • Чeрная дыра (inc)
  • Space Station One (us)

Release dates

  • December 21, 1979
  • March 28, 1980
  • December 18, 1979 (London premiere)
  • December 20, 1979 (premiere)
  • December 21, 1979