The Trollenberg Terror

(The Trollenberg Terror)


A weird creature from outer space survives in the rarefied atmosphere of the Swiss Alps and terrorizes scientists in a remote high altitude research station. This hideous monster hides in the fog-shrouded cloud of mist and kills its victims by decapitation. As the mysterious cloud descends on the Swiss village of Trollenberg, United Nations science investigator Alan Brooks, Professor Crevett and a young woman with psychic powers must find a way to stop the monster's murderous rampage before it's too late...

A movie directed by Quentin Lawrence

1958 - 82 minutes - Black & White - Mono - 1.66

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Main Cast

  • Alan Brooks
  • Philip Truscott
  • Sarah Pilgrim
  • Anne Pilgrim
  • Prof. Crevett
  • Mayor Klein
  • Brett
  • Dewhurst
  • Hans
  • Wilde
  • First Villager
  • Second Villager
  • German Woman with Little Girl
  • Carl
  • First Student Climber



Also Known As

  • Trollenberg Horror (inc)
  • The Flying Eye (inc)
  • The Creeping Eye (inc)
  • Creature from Another World (inc)
  • Ужас Тролленберга (inc)
  • The Crawling Eye (us)

Release dates

  • December 31, 1958
  • October 07, 1958 (London)
  • December 31, 1958