The Tommyknockers

(The Tommyknockers)


In the Maine. While she have a walk in the wood a novelist, Bobbi Anderson, discovers a huge sanctuary made out of marble. A strange energy seems to emanate from this place. Bobbi observes that her dog, half blind, recovers the view.

A curious metallic object discovered in a so sayed hauted wood, an assassination by electrocution, dolls having a malevolent life, for residents of the little city of Haven, the nightmare has begun... The tommyknockers are here!

A TV Movie directed by John Power

1993 - 181 minutes - Color - Dolby - 1.33

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Main Cast

  • Jim 'Gard' Gardner
  • Roberta 'Bobbi' Anderson
  • Trooper Butch Duggan
  • Deputy Becka Paulson
  • Bryant Brown
  • Sheriff Ruth Merrill
  • Marie Brown
  • Joe Paulson
  • Nancy Voss
  • Ev Hillman
  • Chaz Stewart
  • Hilly Brown
  • Davey Brown
  • Mabel Noyes
  • Elt Barker

Also Known As

  • Stephen King's The Tommyknockers (inc)

Release dates

  • May 09, 1993
  • May 09, 1993