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Killer Tomatoes Strike Back!

(Killer Tomatoes Strike Back!)


They may be full of vitamin C, but they're also - well - vicious, and Dr. Gangreen, a crazed scientist, is using them to take over the world. Responsible for the near-annihilation of humanity in the past, Gangreen now launches a tomato PR campaign on a trashy talk show. Fortunately, the professor's plot for world domination is foiled by hard-bitten detective Lance Boyle, who doesn't believe in killer tomatoes, although his gorgeous associate, a tomatologist, is determined to make him a believer, and she's just the tomato to do it.

A movie directed by John De Bello

1991 - 87 minutes - Color - Stereo - NC

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Main Cast

  • Woman Victim
  • Lance Boyle
  • Capt. Wilbur Finletter
  • Evan Rood
  • Kennedi Johnson
  • Charles White, Journalist
  • Jeronahew / Prof. Gangreen
  • Igor
  • Mr. & Mrs. America
  • Armored Car Driver
  • Himself
  • Betty Won't, Journalist
  • Man on Street
  • Maurice, Tomato
  • Leo, Tomato



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