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Teenagers from Outer Space

(Teenagers from Outer Space)


Aliens plan to use the earth as grazing land for their lobster-like monsters, the Gargons, but Derek argues that they should find a planet without "civilized beings." Placed under arrest, the rebellious teen escapes, not knowing he is the son of their leader, so Thor goes after him - with a disintegrator ray that turns people to bones. Derek befriends Betty Morgan and her grandfather, who are placed in jeopardy when Thor begins blasting virtually every earthling he sees!

A movie directed by Tom Graeff

1959 - 86 minutes - Black & White - Mono - 1.85

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Main Cast

  • Derek
  • Betty Morgan
  • Thor
  • Gramps Morgan
  • Joe Rogers
  • Spacecraft Captain
  • Nurse Morse
  • Dr. C.R. Brandt, MD
  • Gas Station Attendant
  • Alice Woodward
  • Driver Picking Up Thor
  • Prof. Simpson
  • The Alien Leader
  • Moreal - Spaceship Crew
  • Saul - Spaceship Crew

Also Known As

  • Ray-Gun Terror (inc)
  • The Gargon Terror (inc)
  • Тинейджеры из космоса (inc)
  • Killers from Outer Space (us)
  • Invasion of the Gargon (us)
  • The Boy from Out of This World (us)

Release dates

  • June 03, 1959
  • June 03, 1959