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Swamp Thing

(Swamp Thing)


Swamp Thing is a half plant elemental, half human creature with supernatural powers who dwells in the bayous around the Louisiana town of Houma. He was formerly a brilliant human scientist called Alec Holland, until disfigured in a laboratory incident caused by a rival scientist who coveted a bio-restorative formula for crop growth that Holland was working on. This laboratory incident caused Holland to become fused with the swamp's environment and his powers are those of the swamp itself, gained by an empathic link with it...

A series created by Len Wein, Bernie Wrightson

3 seasons - 72 episodes

1990 - 30 minutes - Color - Mono - 1.33

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Also Known As

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Release dates

  • July 27, 1990
  • July 27, 1990