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Dinosaur from the Deep

(Dinosaur from the Deep)


Year 2004. Not knowing how to run an abominable criminal recidivist while the death penalty has been abolished, FBI experts and lawyers condemned the imagine embarking on a journey through time To a time when the sentence still applied. For financial reasons, this expedition is coupled with a scientific mission on the planet Terra and charge of tracing the first dinosaurs. They do exist, and while the crew was launched in pursuit of the prisoner at large. Their members must live and face the horror of these blood-thirsty monsters ... (Anonymous)

A movie directed by N.G. Mount

1993 - Color - NC

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Main Cast

  • Professeur Nolan
  • Mme Nolan
  • Le tueur
  • Kruger
  • La fille des cavernes
  • Nora
  • L'avocat
  • Photographe
  • L'homme avec l'avocat


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