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This Island Earth

(This Island Earth)


Charles Meacham, a brilliant scientist, has just received a surprising package. It contains an ultra miniaturized condenser with exceptional physical properties, as well as a catalogue of products all just as amazing coming from a mysterious "electronic laboratory". Spurred on by curiosity, Charles orders all the necessary elements for the construction of an "interociter", a machine with unknown functions. After many hours of hard work, Charles and his associate succeed in assembling the 2486 separate parts of the machine...

A movie directed by Joseph M. Newman

1955 - 87 minutes - Color - Mono - 1.37

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Main Cast

  • Exeter
  • Dr. Ruth Adams
  • Dr. Cal Meacham
  • Brack
  • Dr. Steve Carlson
  • The Monitor
  • Joe Wilson
  • Dr. Adolph Engelborg

Also Known As

  • Этот остров Земля (inc)
  • Bloodlust in Outer Space (us)

Release dates

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