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Superargo and the Faceless Giants

(L'invincibile Superman)


The second feature has Italian wrester-turned-crime-fighter Superargo (beefcake maestro Ken Woods) teamed up with a Middle Eastern guru (Hollywood leading Guy Madison), who wants nothing less than to take over the world with his army of faceless androids. What kind of world will it be if Juan and his faceless giants succeed in their megalomaniacal plan? Only Superargo and his guru sidekick can stop this evil mastermind! In the traditional of Westworld and Ultraman...

A movie directed by Paolo Bianchini

1968 - 102 minutes - Color - Mono - 2.35

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Main Cast

  • Superargo
  • Prof. Wendland Wond
  • Claire Brand
  • Gloria Devon
  • Kamir / Pao-Ki
  • Davies
  • Jo Brand
  • Professor Presenski
  • J.G. Stafford
  • Bank Guard

Also Known As

  • Superargo, el gigante (es)
  • Superargo (inc)
  • The King of Criminals (inc)
  • Superargo the Giant (inc)
  • Il re dei criminali (it)
  • Superargo e i giganti senza volto (it)

Release dates

  • January 26, 1968
  • December 23, 1968 (Madrid)
  • May 26, 1969 (Barcelona)
  • January 26, 1968
  • April 07, 1971 (San Francisco, California)