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Lorca and the Outlaws



Jowitt, a mercenary without recluse institutes a totalitarian regime in a small mining city of an arid planet, Ordessa, helped in that by androids incapable of any emotion.

The young Lorca and his android professor, Kid, are both in this tended situation. To find the liberty, they must at any costs seize a spaceship, the "Red Star", but they quickly have to face an android killer...

A movie directed by Roger Christian

1984 - 84 minutes - Color - Stereo - 2.35

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Also Known As

  • 2084 (au)
  • The Outlaws and the Starship Redwing (inc)

Release dates

  • December 14, 1984
  • April 04, 1987
  • December 14, 1984
  • April 04, 1987