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The year is 3034, all emotions have been suppressed for hundreds of years and Earth is destroying the universe around them by waging war on every alien race they encounter. The Dreadnaught Nemesis is the only ship capable of travelling through time in the A.C.A.T. fleet (Armed Chronological Advancement Taskforce). The Nemesis follows a Reptid ship into the past. During the time-slip, a biological weapon is detonated, rendering the crew unconscious. When Captain Blowhard and her crew awake in the 21st century they quickly realize that something is different. Each crewmember must stand their post whilst trying in their own personal way to control and vent their newly acquired emotions. Sally and Ox visit Earth looking for answers. Sally confuses the locals by her reaction to the local cuisine. Eventually, the crew turns to Doctor Striker for answers. With the future hanging in the balance and the fate of human kind in the doctor’s hands, do they really stand a chance? (

A series created by Andrew Dymond

1 season - 6 episodes

2009 - 30 minutes - Color - NC

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Main Cast

  • Lieutenant Commander Dotty
  • Doctor Yul Striker
  • Captain Belinda Blowhard
  • Hologram
  • The Reptid
  • Commander William C Cropper
  • Lieutenant Commander Wu Oof
  • Chief Engineer Sally Popyatopov
  • Reginald Montague Duck
  • Nurse Sandy Beach
  • Ensign Bull Ox
  • Vilma Maureen Down
  • Daphne
  • Ensign Alan Hole



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Also Known As

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Release dates

  • November 30, 2009
  • November 30, 2009