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Star Cops

(Star Cops)


It's 2027, and manned space explorations are finally underway. The world's powers are developing space for industrial research, trade, mining military purposes and political prestige. There are now five major space stations, a base on the Moon, a small colony on Mars, and numerous satellites, all linked by space shuttles. So far, there has been little crime to speak of, and a few engineers, traffic controllers and scientists on each outpost have simply been paid a little extra to maintain law and order as and when necessary. Unfortunately, the bungling inefficiency of these amateur detectives has turned the International Space Police Force into a worldwide laughing-stock, and earned them the nickname "Star Cops". But space settlement is expanding, and it is felt that the force now needs a superhero, a professional who can give it some credibility and control the increasing crime rate.

A series created by Chris Boucher

1 season - 9 episodes

1987 - 45 minutes - Color - Stereo - 1.33

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Main Cast

  • Nathan Spring
  • David Theroux
  • Colin Devis
  • Pal Kenzy
  • Alexander Krivenko
  • Anna Shoun


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Also Known As

  • Space Cops (uk)

Release dates

  • July 06, 1987
  • July 06, 1987