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Space Mutiny

(Space Mutiny)


Thirteen generations ago, our overpopulated world constructed the "Southern Sun", a spaceship that had to become the home of thousands of emigrants during their ten light-years trip to a virgin and new world. For descendants of these colonists, this spaceship is a homeland mother. All of themworking to offer a best future to their children. While the major part of this generation is satisfied, some have become impatient and nervous...

A movie directed by David Winters, Neal Sundstrom

1988 - Color - Dolby - NC

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Main Cast

  • Dave Ryder
  • Flight Cmdr. Elijah Kalgan
  • MacPhearson
  • Cmdr. Alex Jansen
  • Dr. Lea Jansen
  • Capt. Scott Devers
  • Flight Lt. Lemont
  • 3rd Engineer Steve Codell
  • Mortuary Keeper
  • Joseph Enforcer
  • Chief Engineer
  • Kalgan's Bodyguard
  • Female Lieutenant
  • Mohawk - Enforcer
  • Blake - Enforcer

Also Known As

  • Mutiny in Space (us)

Release dates

No available information for now.