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Space Men

(Space Men)


In search of a sensational story, reporter Ray Peterson joins one of the space stations that is located outside of Mars. The other astronauts resent Ray and call him a leech. An opportunity presents itself immediately, but under terrible circumstances. After the death of its' pilot, spaceship ALFA 2, under automatic piloting, is now uncontrolled. In perdition, it sails in a frantic race around the solar system, and during its next revolution, it will approach very near the Earth at a distance of 3500 miles.

It has to be stopped at any costs, because inside the vessel, a Pholonique field with a 5000 mile radius action ray which develops an incalculable heat area, will spread death and destruction... (Correction : pol6ca)

A movie directed by Antonio Margheriti

1960 - 73 minutes - Color / Black & White - Mono - NC

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Main Cast

  • Ray Peterson (IZ41)
  • Lucy (Y13)
  • George the Commander
  • Al (X15)
  • Archie (Y16)
  • Sullivan
  • King 116
  • Davis
  • Venus Commander
  • Venus Control

Also Known As

  • Assignment Outer Space (inc)
  • Assignment: Outer Space (inc)

Release dates

  • August 25, 1960
  • December 13, 1961
  • August 25, 1960
  • December 13, 1961