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Space Master X-7

(Space Master X-7)


Once again thoughtless scientists send out a space probe and it returns to Earth with a nasty fungus that threatens to destroy life as we know it. When this insidious substance is mixed with blood, it becomes "blood rust" and kills Frees, the hapless scientist assigned to examine it. The fungus then spreads to Frees' fiancee, Thomas, and she goes a bit daft and begins spreading the awful stuff all over the country. Government agents Williams and Ellis are shipped out to track Thomas down and stop the rust from eating its way throughout the world. Armed with an antidote, the intrepid agents catch up to Thomas on a flight to Hawaii and manage to ditch the plane just...

A movie directed by Edward Bernds

1958 - 71 minutes - Black & White - Mono - 2.35

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Main Cast

  • John Hand
  • Laura Greeling
  • Pvt. Joe Rattigan
  • Dr. Charles T. Pommer
  • Stewardess Archer
  • Jean Meyers, a brunet
  • Elaine Frohman
  • Prof. West
  • Collins
  • Mr. Morse, Hotel Manager
  • Jim Dale, plane engineer
  • Pilot Vaccarino
  • Battalion Fire Chief Hendry
  • Retlinger, the Cab Driver
  • Plane passenger

Also Known As

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Release dates

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