The Ape

(The Ape)


Dr. Adrian is a man who becomes obsessed with curing paralysis when he loses his beloved wife and daughter to the disease. Desperately trying to cure a crippled neighbor, he discovers that he needs human spinal fluid for his vaccine-but how to get it? When an ape trainer at a local circus is badly mauled, the doctor allows him to die so that he can tap his spine. The gorilla escapes and goes on a killing spree terrorizing the small town...

A movie directed by William Nigh

1940 - 62 minutes - Black & White - Mono - 1.37

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Main Cast

  • Dr. Bernard Adrian
  • Miss Frances Clifford
  • Danny Foster
  • Mother Clifford
  • Jane - Adrian's Housekeeper
  • Sheriff Jeff Halliday
  • Dr. McNulty

Also Known As

  • Gorilla (inc)
  • Обезьяна (inc)

Release dates

  • March 24, 1941
  • September 30, 1940
  • January 21, 1941 (London)
  • March 24, 1941
  • September 30, 1940