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Roswell. An alien ship crashed on earth. Truth or lie ? The government acts as if nothing happened. Even if some are sceptic, nothing can be proved. Furthermore, there is survivors : they are neither little, nor green, but they look like us...

Max, Isabel, and Michael, try to live as regular teenagers. But they don't know where they come from neither who they are exactly. They woke up in incubators when they were three, without any souvenirs left. Welcomed and grown up in Roswell, they all discovered along years that they had special faculties that no human possess : they are the direct descendants of the Roswell survivor's crash...

A series created by Jason Katims

3 seasons - 61 episodes

1999 - 42 minutes - Color - Dolby - 16

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Main Cast

  • Liz Parker
  • Max Evans
  • Isabel Evans
  • Maria DeLuca
  • Michael Guerin
  • Kyle Valenti
  • Sheriff Jim Valenti
  • Alex Whitman
  • Tess Harding
  • Diane Evans
  • Jesse Ramirez
  • Jeff Parker
  • Phillip Evans
  • Deputy Hanson
  • Amy DeLuca

Also Known As

  • Roswell High (inc)

Release dates

  • January 10, 2000
  • October 06, 1999
  • January 10, 2000
  • October 06, 1999