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(Sora no daikaijû Radon)


In the mining city of Kitamatsu, workers fear for their lives. The well has become too deep, chatty with floods and landslides in the depths of the mine. Two miners disappear in the deepest part of the mine, then policemen who were sent to aid them are found mutilated. By night, Shigeru and Kyo, two friends of one of the victims, are attacked by a monster coming from the mine...

A movie directed by Ishirô Honda

1956 - 82 minutes - Color - Mono - 1.37

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Main Cast

  • Shigeru Kawamura, colliery engineer
  • Kiyo, Shigeru's lover
  • Professor Kyuichiro Kashiwagi (biology)
  • Police Chief Nishimura
  • Female Honeymooner
  • Colliery Chief Osaki
  • Izeki, reporter of Seibu Nippou
  • Male Honeymooner, Sunagawa's friend
  • Chief of police station
  • American Soldier Typing
  • Haru, Kiyo's neighbor
  • News Reader
  • Sunagawa's colleague
  • Tsunesan, miner
  • Suteyan, miner

Also Known As

  • Radon (inc)
  • Радон (inc)
  • Radon the Sky Monster (inc)
  • Rodan! The Flying Monster (us)

Release dates

  • December 26, 1956
  • August 06, 1957
  • February 05, 1959
  • December 26, 1956
  • August 06, 1957