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Robot Holocaust

(Robot Holocaust)


Against the decimated ruins of New York City, explore the desolate future facing mankind after the horrifying ROBOT HOLOCAUST. Powerful robots have seized the Earth, poisoning the air and reducing human beings to a race of slaves imprisoned underground. Against hideous giant worms, flesh eating mutants and robot warriors, the nomad Neo and his robot Klyton, face the unimaginable evil power of The Dark One in a spectacular battle beyond description to reclaim the earth and rescue the human race from the Robot Holocaust...

A movie directed by Tim Kincaid

1986 - 79 minutes - Color - Dolby - NC

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Also Known As

  • I robot conquistano il mondo (it)

Release dates

  • April 14, 1986
  • January 20, 1987
  • April 14, 1986
  • January 20, 1987