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Riders to the Stars

(Riders to the Stars)


In the mid-1950's, American scientists determine that they require metal from meteors if they are to build spacecraft that can withstand the rigors of space travel. To that end they recruit 12 scientists and ask them to undergo a series of tests. The men don’t quite know exactly what they are being tested for but in the end, three are selected to go into space. The mission is a success, but not all will return.

A movie directed by Richard Carlson, Herbert L. Strock

1954 - 81 minutes - Color - Mono - 1.37

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Main Cast

  • Dr. Richard Donald Stanton
  • Dr. Donald L. Stanton / Narrator
  • Dr. Jerome 'Jerry' Lockwood
  • Dr. Jane Flynn
  • Susan Manners
  • Walter J. Gordon
  • Dr. Delmar
  • Dr. Paul Drayden
  • Dr. Frank Warner
  • Dr. Klinger the Shrink
  • James F. O'Herli, Security
  • David Wells
  • Sidney K. Fuller



Also Known As

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Release dates

  • January 14, 1954
  • January 14, 1954