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Quatermass and the pit

(Quatermass and the Pit)


When some ancient bones and what resembles an unexploded bomb are uncovered on a Knightsbridge building site, Professor Bernard Quatermass's curiosity is aroused. What is the unusual hull, constructed of an unknown material many times stronger than diamond, and daubed with curious cabalistic markings? What are the strange, insect-like creatures, with faces like gargoyles, found inside it? And what is the connection with reports of disturbing occurences in the area, dating back centuries? As more inexplicable incidents occur, wild supposition is transformed into astonishing possibility, questioning the very nature of human origin. But with London gripped by chaos and terror, it could be too late to save mankind from its own, extraordinary heritage...

A series created by Rudolph Cartier

1 season - 6 episodes

1958 - 30 minutes - Black & White - Mono - 1.33

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Main Cast

  • Professor Bernard Quatermass
  • Dr. Matthew Roney
  • Colonel James Breen
  • Captain Potter
  • Barbara Judd
  • Sergeant
  • Corporal Gibson
  • First Private
  • Second Private
  • Narrator
  • James Fullalove
  • Sladden
  • Private Secretary
  • Sightseer
  • Sightseer

Also Known As

  • The Pit (inc)

Release dates

  • December 22, 1958
  • December 22, 1958