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Python 2

(Python 2)


When an American cargo plane carrying a top-secret anti-personnel device is shot down over war-torn Chechnya, Russian scientists are eager to investigate. But their curiosity leads to horrific death and destruction as they inadvertently unleash the most terrifying "weapon" the world has ever known; a massive, biogenetically enhanced python with lightening-fast reflexes and a voracious appetite for human flesh. While the body count soars, the Americans and Russians must work together to mount one last stand against an unstoppable predator that's tracking their every movement-and getting hungrier by the minute!

A movie directed by Lee McConnell

2002 - 85 minutes - Color - Dolby Digital - 1.78

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Also Known As

  • Snakes (inc)
  • Python II (us)
  • Pythons 2 (us)

Release dates

  • July 17, 2002
  • July 17, 2002