Psi Factor: Chronicles of the Paranormal

(PSI Factor: Chronicles of the Paranormal)


Mysterious abductions. Plagues of mutated insects. Poltergeist attacks.... PSI Factor: Chronicles Of the Paranormal will change the way you perceive reality. A fearless team of investigators from the covert Office of Scientific Investigation and Research (O.S.I.R) explore bizarre, top-secret cases...

A series created by James Nadler

4 seasons - 88 episodes

1996 - 45 minutes - Color - Dolby - 1.33

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Main Cast

  • Himself
  • Lindsay Donner
  • Peter Axon
  • Professor Anton Hendricks
  • Matt Prager
  • Dr. Claire Davison

Also Known As

No available information for now.

Release dates

  • February 10, 1998
  • February 10, 1998