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First Men in the Moon

(First Men in the Moon)


A lunar capsule directed by an international crew lands on the moon. An astronaut goes out... Firsts steps on the moon are now a reality. During their exploration, astronauts discover an outstanding object... A small English flag and a message written in 1899 ! declaring that the moon was discovered for the account of the Queen Victoria. They are not the first men on the moon.

The discovery makes fury, English have walked on the Moon in 1899 ! An inquiry is led to find pioneers. An inquiry that leads them to an old man, Mr. Bedford, that is going to tell its dazzling story to the reporters who came to interview him...

A movie directed by Nathan Juran

1964 - 103 minutes - Color - Stereo - 2.20

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Main Cast

  • Bedford / Arnold Bedford
  • Kate / Kate Callender
  • Cavor / Joseph Cavor
  • Dymchurch Registrar
  • Stuart
  • Nursing Home Matron
  • Richard Challis
  • Margaret Hoy

Also Known As

  • H.G.Wells' First Men in the Moon (inc)
  • Первые люди на Луне (inc)

Release dates

  • November 20, 1964
  • November 20, 1964
  • November 25, 1964 (New York City, New York)