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Terminal Justice

(Terminal Justice)


It's the year 2008, and virtual sex has been perfected so that men don't need women any more to have sex, computers make cybersex perfect every time. The only real women in demand are the human stars of cybersex and Pamela Travis is one of the most popular. When Dr. Vivyan tries to kidnap Pamela in order to clone her and sell the clones to wealthy clients, Sergeant Bobby Chase comes to her rescue and is assigned to protect her. When she is kidnapped, Chase must rescue her...

A movie directed by Rick King

1996 - 94 minutes - Color - Ultra Stereo - NC

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Main Cast

  • Sergeant Bobby Chase
  • Reginald Matthews
  • Deacon Vivyan
  • Pamela Travis
  • Phillips
  • Hiroshi Takamura
  • Brady
  • Efram
  • Maria
  • Alice
  • Capt. Polansky
  • Goatee
  • Tillbrook
  • Monica
  • Cashier



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Also Known As

  • Cybertech (ca)
  • Cybertech PD (inc)
  • Terminal Justice: Cybertech P.D. (us)

Release dates

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