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Fail Safe

(Fail Safe)


It is the Cold War. The world stands on the brink of nuclear catastrophe as tensions simmer between the US and the Soviet Union. When a US bomber is accidentally ordered to drop a nuclear bomb on Moscow, it looks as if the fateful decision for all-out war will be taken by both sides.

Having past the point of no rturn, Colonel Jack Grady pilots his bomber into Soviet territory, refusing to yield to verbal commands to turn back. US President and his young interpreter Buck plunge into a crisis of split second decision making in a gripping phone exchange with Soviet leaders in order to avert disaster...

A TV Movie directed by Stephen Frears, Martin Pasetta

2000 - 86 minutes - Black & White - Stereo - 1.78

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Main Cast

  • Himself - Host
  • President
  • Buck
  • Gen. Bogan
  • Congressman Raskob
  • Gordon Knapp
  • Col. Cascio
  • Prof. Groeteschele
  • Defense Secretary Swenson
  • Gen. Stark
  • Lt. Jimmy Pierce
  • Col. Jack Grady
  • Brig. Gen. Warren Black
  • Mrs. Johnson
  • Jimmy

Also Known As

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Release dates

  • April 09, 2000
  • April 10, 2000
  • September 18, 2000 (video premiere)
  • April 09, 2000