Phase IV

(Phase IV)


In a desert area of the Arizona, ants, whose behavior has undergone strange modifications, scheme some scientists. Ernst D. Hubbs, from the Institute of Coronado, accompanied by his assistant James Lesko, leave there. The two men install a highly enhanced laboratory and begin their experiences. They still ignore that a new ecological balance - whose man may become the vistim - is in the process to happen...

A movie directed by Saul Bass

1974 - 84 minutes - Color - Mono - 1.85

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Main Cast

  • Dr. Ernest D. Hubbs
  • James R. Lesko
  • Kendra Eldridge
  • Mr. Eldridge
  • Clete
  • Mildred Eldridge

Also Known As

  • Phase Four (inc)
  • Marhaleye Panjom (inc)
  • Фаза 4 (inc)

Release dates

No available information for now.