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The Dark Side of the Moon

(The Dark Side of the Moon)


Since the beginning of time the eerie vanishing of ships and planes in the vicinity of Earth known as the Bermuda Triangle has remained a total mystery. Until now... No-one realised that the Triangle represented the apex of evil in this galaxy. No-one guessed that the Triangle's strange disappearances weren't accidents... they were events and the Triangle's secret concealed a terrifying purpose.

It is the year 2022 when the crew of vessel Spacecore One discover the dreadful truth behind the Triangle's sinister power while on a routine mission in lunar orbit. Now they are trapped in the Triangle's deadly path between the Earth and the Moon, a doorway to doom controlled by pure evil. And as the blackness of space threatens to engulf them, they must confront the ultimate terror...

A movie directed by D.J. Webster

1990 - 85 minutes - Color - Ultra Stereo - NC

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Main Cast

  • Flynn Harding
  • Giles Stewart
  • Paxton Warner
  • Lesli
  • Philip Jennings
  • Alex McInny
  • Dreyfuss Steiner
  • Michael C. Gotier



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Also Known As

  • Темная сторона Луны (inc)

Release dates

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